Help You Sponsor came out of the ministry of Extended Hands who run a child sponsorship program in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As the program grew so did the difficulty of managing the program. Sponsor retention was dropping and they were also having problems attracting new sponsors. They needed a way to streamline communication between the children and the sponsors while keeping accurate records of the program. After a lot of searching for the right solution, and even trying some along the way, they found other solutions either lacked necessary features or were either too complicated, too expensive, or just didn’t fit the needs of a small ministry. So HelpYouSponsor was created to fill the need.

Will the sponsorship software work for us?

We are not a “module” on a larger donor management system built by someone who has never dealt with the challenges of a sponsorship program. HelpYouSponsor was built by people running a sponsorship program who know the needs and complexities.

What if we need a sponsorship feature that you don't have?

Chances are we do have the feature but if it turns out we truly don’t have it, we may be able to develop it for you. If it is something we believe will benefit all our clients we will add it to our development roadmap. If it is something unique to your organization we can provide an estimate for custom development.

Who uses HelpYouSponsor?

Lots of people do. We have over 100 organizations using HelpYouSponsor to manage their sponsorship programs.