Online Donations Have Jumped by 23%

Online Donations Have Jumped by 23%

Jun 14, 2024

This month's number: 23.

Online donations have jumped by 23%, now accounting for 5% of total nonprofit support. We're excited to share how our latest updates will make autopilot for your sponsorships & donations even better.

🎉 Here's Your Exclusive Look at Our Newest Features

Introducing High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) Uploads

Currently, you are able to upload images in the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), which is commonly used in iPhones. This means that if you use your phone to upload an image onto the website, you can do so seamlessly.

Show Tags in the Profile of the Entities

Enhance profile organization with customizable tags for entities and children. Tailor classifications to suit your specific needs with this new feature.

Enable Admins to Sign Up Under Existing Permission Sets with Ease

Organizations can now facilitate individual sign-ups with a streamlined process. Simply share a unique link generated from specific groups, ensuring that new accounts align with group permissions.

Easily access external link URLs with a simple hover over the icon. Click to copy the URL to your clipboard, allowing for seamless navigation to signup pages on new tabs.

Upon signing up, individuals will automatically be assigned to their respective groups, streamlining organization and access to relevant resources.

Displaying Email Logs for the Recent Emails Sent from your Account

View detailed email logs directly from your account, including email details and deliverability status. Simply add your Mailgun credentials, then access the logs by clicking View Integration button on the Mailgun integrations card.

Scroll down to view the logs and gain valuable insights into your email communications.

📈 More Features

  • Donors can now easily unsubscribe from receiving emails, ensuring they only receive communications they want.

  • Enhance profile organization with customizable tags for entities or children, allowing for personalized classification.

  • Stay informed with an updated activity log, providing detailed insights into account activities.

  • Easily track unpaid months and payment details, with a clear list of outstanding balances for each month.

  • For clients with pending payments, view both the balance and the number of months outstanding for added clarity.

  • Effortlessly manage credit cards by deleting or editing details, with the option to set a default card for convenience.

  • Access a comprehensive list of all credit cards linked to a donor account, providing greater transparency and control.

🔔 Some Fixes

  • We've implemented a fix to remove autoincremented fields such as Donor ID from being mandatory when editing sponsor details.

  • A new message has been added to the sponsor dashboard drawer, improving communication functionality within the platform.

  • We've fixed the issue with audience pagination in the newsletter page, ensuring smoother navigation and accessibility.


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A company of Reeve Group LLC


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