Your October Update: What’s New at HelpYouSponsor 🌟

Your October Update: What’s New at HelpYouSponsor 🌟

Oct 8, 2023

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates we rolled out last month, all aligned with our mission: Autopilot for your Sponsorships & Donations: Where Automation Fuels Impact. 💫

🎉 What’s Fresh and Exciting?

Ask Donors to Cover Processing Fees:

We've added a delightful tweak to the checkout process! Now, you have the option to courteously ask your donors to cover the payment processing fees. This small gesture could potentially save your organization a fair bit and allow more funds to flow directly towards your noble causes.

Intuitive Messaging via Admin in Message Manager

Engaging with your sponsors just got a tad easier. With a few simple clicks, craft and dispatch messages to your cherished sponsors right from the admin dashboard. The "New Message" button is your gateway to seamless communication!

Draft Messages - Your Safety Net

Empower team members to draft messages while ensuring an extra layer of accuracy with admin approval. This feature aims to keep all communications polished and precise before reaching your sponsors.

Preview Before Embedding with Program Embed Link Previews

Before embedding the code for your program on your website, you can now have a sneak peek to ensure it’s all shipshape! Click the "Embed" button next to the embed code, view the preview in a new window, and tweak if needed before embedding it on your site.

Centralized Payment Settings

For an uncluttered payment management experience, we’ve congregated all payment settings in one spot within the admin settings page. Managing payment gateways and adding new ones is now a walk in the park!

Unrecognized Shortcodes Checker in Email Templates

Prevent errors while sending emails with our new feature that scans your email templates for unrecognized shortcodes. It’s a handy tool to keep those email templates spotless and error-free.

Swift Recipient Movement Between Programs

Effortlessly move a recipient from one program to another ensuring they are always in the right place, aiding in maintaining a tidy database.

🔔 More features

We've added a host of other useful features to improve your HelpYouSponsor experience

10x speedier searches within Donors and ProgramsPagination in the admins and permissions table now smooth as silk, especially handy for accounts with more than 10 users.Plus, several more bug fixes to create a robust platform, thanks to the invaluable feedback from our delightful clients like you!

📝 Stay Tuned with Our Change Log

As we evolve, so does our platform. Keep a finger on the pulse of all new features and improvements by checking our continually updated Change Log.

In Conclusion:

This October, let's embrace the new features and continue making strides in our sponsorship journey. Your feedback is the magic potion that helps us grow and refine HelpYouSponsor to serve you better. So keep it coming, and here’s to a fruitful collaboration ahead!