Meet Our AI Enhancements

Meet Our AI Enhancements

12 feb 2024

🎉 What’s New and Exciting?

Say Hi to HYS AI ✨

Every aspect of your sponsorships is enhanced through the power of artificial intelligence. Get ready to transform your approach to donor relations with a suite of advanced features that offer both personalization and efficiency.

  • AI-Enhanced Communication: Engage donors with personalized messages crafted by AI.

  • Dynamic, Automated Reporting: Effortlessly create and share comprehensive reports with a touch of AI magic.

  • Predictive Donor Insights: Anticipate donor needs and enhance retention with AI-powered analytics.

  • Personalization at Scale: Automate processes while maintaining a personal touch.

We’re running a private beta program to give users free access to our upcoming AI powered features for a limited time.

Join the AI Beta Program

Payments Just Got Easier

We're rolling out HYS Payments to make dealing with money matters a breeze. Now, you can easily set up how you get paid and check your payment history without a hassle. It's all about making things straightforward for you.

HYS Paymen

Choose How Your Donors See Recipients

You asked, and we listened! We've added a new feature that lets you switch the order in which recipients are displayed. Want to see the newest ones first? You got it. Just a few clicks in the settings, and you're all set.

Check Your Emails Before Sending

Ever wanted to see what your email will look like before you send it to donors? Now you can! Test out your email and make sure it looks perfect before anyone else sees it.

Simply pick an email template, choose the 'Test Email' option, select a sponsorship, and hit 'Send'.🔔

Some Fixes

  • Browsing through our program list is now more user-friendly. You can search, flip through pages, and your search will stick around, making things a lot easier.

  • Searching for specific recipients on the main page is now fixed. If you've had trouble before, give it another try – it should be all good now!

📝 Stay Tuned with Our Change Log

As we evolve, so does our platform. Keep a finger on the pulse of all new features and improvements by checking our continually updated Change Log.


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Una empresa de Reeve Group LLC


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