Streamline Your Sponsorship Management

Streamline Your Sponsorship Management

11 mar 2024

🎉 What’s New and Exciting?

Quick Message Cleanup ✨

You can easily delete draft messages! These are the messages you've created but haven't sent out yet.

To do this, just head to the Message Manager tab and click on 'Drafts'. You'll see your list of drafts there. If it's empty, you know you've got no drafts hanging around. But if you see a message you don't need anymore, just select it and hit the 'Delete' button to clear it out.

Draft Message Edits Made Simple

You can easily make changes to your draft messages! Simply navigate to the draft message page, select the 'Edit' button, and you'll have the option to update your message as needed.When you choose to edit, a form with the current draft message will appear, ready for you to make your changes.

Instant Activity Updates

This feature gives you a complete view of all the actions taking place in your account, showcasing every activity that has occurred.

By clicking on the "View All Activity" link, you'll be able to see a complete list of all the activities in your account.

Choose What You See

You can customize your view by selecting specific activities you're interested in. Simply click on the checkboxes to filter and view activities according to your preferences.

All About Your Donors

In the donors section, we've added a streamlined view that makes it simple to see all the key information you need in one place.

🔔Some Fixes

  • We've made it easier for you to add a credit card during sign-up. If there's a problem with the card, you'll now see an error message that tells you exactly what's wrong.

  • We've successfully resolved an issue that some clients encountered when trying to archive a donor or sponsor. Now, you can perform this action smoothly without any hiccups.

📝 Stay Tuned with Our Change Log

We're dedicated to making your sponsorships smooth and successful. Our Change Log page is always being updated with the newest improvements. Make sure to visit it often to stay in the loop!


Una empresa de Reeve Group LLC

Una empresa de Reeve Group LLC


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