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  • First Steps

    Welcome to HelpYouSponsor! After you have created your account an email will be sent to you with an activation link. Once you click that link you are ready to log in and get started. If for some reason you do not receive the activation email please check your spam folder. If you still do not […]

  • Stripe Setup

    If you want to accept credit cards you will need a Stripe account and then connect it to your HelpYouSponsor account. Here are the steps you will need to follow. 1. Create a Stripe account at 2. Log in to your new Stripe account and retrieve your API Keys. They can be found by clicking […]

  • Setup

    Setup To setup, you will need to create an account Upon account creation, you will need to enable CIM (Customer Information Manager) CIM is an feature that allows you to store donor credit card information on their server. Without this option enabled, you cannot use as your payment gateway with HelpYouSponsor. […]

  • Mailgun Setup

    In order for system generated emails to be sent from an email address associated with your organization you will need to create an account with Mailgun by going to their website: We use Mailgun to handle our transactional emails because it provides our clients an inexpensive way to ensure your emails are delivered. Mailgun allows […]

  • Box Image Storage Setup

    Default 500px images HelpYouSponsor’s default configuration allows you to store images for both donors and sponsorship entities. All files that are uploaded are automatically resized to 500px. This works well for online use and keeps page load-times down to a minimum. Need Larger Files? We have now added integration with for you to store […]

  • Website Integration

    Integrating HelpYouSponsor with your Website You will see notice that each individual program has a unique frontend URL that looks something like this: You clearly don’t want your donors to have to type in this URL to be able to donate, so you have two options: a. Use an Iframe in your existing web-page […]

  • Admins

    Definition: Admins are people who can access the management area of your HelpYouSponsor software. Managing Admins To manage the admins in your software click the Admins link in the left hand navigation. If you do not see the Admins link it is because your particular admin account is part of an Admin Group that does […]

  • Admin Groups

    All permissions within the HelpYouSponsor software are managed through admin groups. Admins are assigned a group and receive all permissions for that group. In this way permissions can be set for multiple admins at the same time. Some people have been confused by the word “group” so for clarity note that a group can have […]

  • Forms

    Forms are used for getting information into your HelpYouSponsor database. The software supports three types of forms: sponsorship profile forms, donor profile forms, and progress report forms. Sponsorship Profile Forms: These forms are used for collecting information about what you are sponsoring. Typically the software is used for child sponsorship but you can use it for […]

  • Form Fields

    Each form field represents a piece of data you want to collect in your database. To begin with, HelpYouSponsor comes with three prebuilt form fields. You will obviously want to add more but these three can serve as a good example of how to set up a form field. There are a lot of options […]