Data for the field

The field type determines what is entered into the Data for the Field. We’ll go through each field type to explain what should be entered:

Text: Anything entered will be used as placeholder text. Placeholder text is the text within the textbox that is greyed out and disappears once something is entered into the textbox. In the image above you see, “Enter additional data,” this is placeholder text. Placeholder text is usually used to provide additional directions about the required information. It is not required to enter anything for a text field.

Textarea: This will also create placeholder text within the textarea box. This is not required.

Static Text: This will be the additional text created for this field. It is text that is not editable within the form and is used to provide additional instructions or information within the form itself. This is not required.

Date: This will create placeholder text. There is placeholder text that will display by default that provides the format required for entering dates. Whatever you enter here will override the default placeholder text. This is not required.

Link: The data for the field is not used for link fields.

Select List: The options you want in your select list must be entered in the data for the field. Each item should be entered separated by a comma. There should be no spaces between the commas. For example, in a gender select list you would enter: Male,Female. The items in the list will display in the same order you enter them so the first item will be the first item in your list. Because of this the first item also becomes the default if no other item is chosen. If you do not want to force a choice you could enter a comma as the first thing in the list which will cause the first item in the list to be empty. For a gender field where you want to force a choice you would enter: ,Male,Female. This is required.

Checkbox: This enter data for the field exactly like a Select List. Each option should be separated by a comma but no spaces. The main difference is that entering a comma first will only create an empty checkbox so you would not use this method to force a choice. Because a checked checkbox is just as valid as an unchecked checkbox it is not possible to force a choice.

Table: Enter data for the table in the same manner as you do with a Select List and a Checkbox. Each column of the table is a piece of data you want collected and should be entered and separated by a comma. Using the example of collecting sibling information you could enter information like this: Sibling Name,Gender,Birthday.

Auto increment ID: The data for the field is not used for Auto increment ID fields.