Form Fields

Each form field represents a piece of data you want to collect in your database. To begin with, HelpYouSponsor comes with three prebuilt form fields. You will obviously want to add more but these three can serve as a good example of how to set up a form field. There are a lot of options and it can get a little confusing when you start so we recommend adjusting the settings of the existing fields to get familiar with how the changes will effect the fields.

After you have clicked the Form name you are brought to a page listing all the fields. Like you can see in the example below you are able to rearrange the order of your form fields by simply clicking and dragging them into the order you want. Each box represents a field. The field label is the name in bold and next to it is the short code (i.e. [en_child_name]). Short codes are used in various parts of the software, like the email templates, to populate information from the profile. To the right is the pencil icon which brings up the edit dialog box and the X icon used to remove the form field.