April 16, 2012

Not fast enough

Things are getting pretty exciting at We are having more and more organizations stumble across our little application. It’s not perfect.. but it seems to be a bit of an oasis for those lost in the desert sea of trying to manage something that is barely manageable.  We feel your pain, have a coconut.. relax.

Version 3 is just about to be released. We are learning a lot as new people sign up and find new areas to stumble on.. or offer up possible improvements. We add that list to our own ever growing wishlist of features. There are so many possibilites! But, there is never enough time to implement all of them.

After this release we are going to focus our attention on the User Interface (or UI). This it where it all comes together for the user. In many ways it’s the cover of the book. But we all know.. the cover of a book is actually pretty important. Software is emotional.. it can bring out the best (or worst) in people. Take Apple for example.. users get passionate one way or the other. I know this first hand as well from my previous employment. I spent 7 years developing and training on web-based application. Users often got very passionate. We feel your pain.. we are here to make your life easier.. not harder.

Anyway. Good things are coming along at HelpYouSponsor.. we have big plans and some big improvements in the works. We just need a few more hours added to the days and few more days added to the week. Best of all we are helping more and more children everyday. Woohoo!