April 12, 2013

Picture and File Upload Feature Update

One of the core technologies we use in HelpYouSponsor is the Jquery javascript library. Recently we updated to the latest release of Jquery so we could take advantage of some of the new functionality that it provides. However, there were some unintended consequences. The new version broke some of the features in HelpYouSponsor. Some of you experienced the bugs that were introduced. Thankfully they were mostly minor and we were able to squash them very quickly.

One area that really suffered was the picture and file uploads. The new version of Jquery completely broke the uploads. We were able to put some bandaids on but it was apparent that what was really needed was a complete rebuild. So for the past week we have been slaving away at getting this feature rebuilt quickly. And since we were already elbow deep in the code we decided to make some enhancements. Here is a quick overview:

  • File/Document uploads now accept more file types including: jpg, png, gif, doc, pdf, csv, and xls.
  • Pictures must still be 2mb or less but we also added some server side image processing. This will help with page load times.
  • Added the ability to rotate images (see below).
  • Added the ability to send a sponsor notification of a pic or file update anytime, not just immediately after a upload.
  • Improved the user interface.

There are a lot of other improvements in the way files and pictures are handled, things you won’t necessarily see on the surface.

Rotating an image

Here you see the new blue button that appears on the thumbnails of the pictures. Clicking the button will rotate the image 90 degrees. What happens sometimes is a picture is taken with the camera held vertically. The software on your computer will usually be able to read the exif data of the image and correctly display the picture so it appears right side up. Then you go to upload it and it appears sideways. Well you are sure that the software has screwed up your picture because it looked right on your computer. The truth is, the picture was not straight to begin with, your computer was just compensating. We don’t have the same image handling capabilities built in so the picture appears sideways after it was uploaded. Now with the ability to rotate an image you can correct this when it happens.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 2.25.07 PM