September 24, 2011

Release 2.0.2

Release notes for 2.0.2

New Features

  • Child Information and Sponsor Information fields can now be re-ordered.
  • Added Database Backup – Provides a dump of the MySql database with all information.
  • Added ability to set the number of children that display per page on the public website.

Bug Fixes

  • When integrating software through iframes the Paypal feature failed to re-direct to the Paypal website. It now pops up a window outside of the iframe in order to correctly integrate with Paypal.
  • Corrected issue where some emails were not sending.
  • Corrected issue where the child gender reverted to Male when editing child information even though child gender had been saved as female.

The additional features are all accessible by clicking on the General Setup link to the right. Please note, the default number of children to display on your website is 20. Please check your website to see what number will with your site and change the number accordingly. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at