June 23, 2011

Version 2 coming soon!

The child sponsorship software application from Help You Sponsor officially launched in March of 2011. We have received an incredible response to our software. Many ministries are already using it. We have received a lot of feature requests and feedback which we have used to develop the specification for our next major release. We plan to release version 2 on or before July 6, 2011. Here is some of what you can expect in this release:

  1. Paypal integration – You will have the choice of having new sponsors automatically set up payment through Paypal.
  2. Auto response email for new sponsors.
  3. Quick tag variable for including sponsor email address in software generated emails.
  4. New setup area where you will be able to edit the text that appears below the pictures on the profile pages.
  5. Ability to control all fields in the child profile and sponsor profile.
  6. For sponsor payment records you will be able to select a payment type from a drop down list.
  7. Full control over what sub-admins can manage.
  8. Enhanced search query capability in the admin area and fixed search query on the front end so that searches can be conducted on multiple criteria.
  9. Version checker and auto-update. When the Super-Admin logs in the software will check to make sure you are using the current version. If there is an update, the admin will be prompted to install the update.

This is a major update and we are very excited to see how this will Help You Sponsor more kids!