April 3, 2013

Version 4 and more!

Wow, it has been a long time since we posted an update. Several months ago we released Version 4. It was our largest update yet. We added tons of new features and functions. One of the biggest features is what we call “Sponsor Anything.” It used to be that we were just a child sponsorship software but today you can sponsor well drilling projects, you can sponsor pastors, you can sponsor staff, you can sponsor missionaries, you can sponsor whatever you want! We call these different types of sponsorships “Causes” and you can have as many causes as you want.

Another major update that we just released is Payments by HelpYouSponsor. We developed a very tight payment integration using Stripe. You can still use other forms of payments but with our integration you get a lot of additional functionality. For more information visit

Some other things we have been working on:

  • Rebuilding the manage tables for loading dynamic content. For our clients with a thousand or more sponsorships this will greatly improve the page load times.
  • We are building a REST API. If you don’t know what that means that’s OK. Basically it means that we are going to be releasing a lot of cool new functionality.
  • And lots more!

Did you know we are updating the software on almost a daily basis? We are constantly adding tweaks, fixes, and improved processing as well as adding new features. On average we push out 3 updates a week. Just because you don’t see a lot of update posts here doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work. All of our updates are a result of feedback we receive from users. So don’t be shy. If you have an idea send it in. We love to hear from you.