New Feature Highlights

New Feature Highlights

Apr 12, 2024

🎉 What’s New and Exciting?

New Features Tags ✨

We've introduced a new tag to highlight newly added features in the menu list. Take a look below to see how the 'Activity Log' now stands out as a new addition. This makes it easy for you to spot what's fresh and exciting!


This feature allows you to send emails to multiple donors all at once. You'll have the power to create, draft, and edit these emails with ease.

Refunds Tab on the Donations Page

This tab will show refunded donations that have been returned to the donors, presented in a table format. It allows clients to easily view refunded donations."

🔔Some Fixes

You can customize your view by selecting specific activities you're interested in. Simply click on the checkboxes to filter and view activities according to your preferences.

  • We've made the donor dashboard message manager more adaptable for small screens.

  • Fixed issue with email short codes appearing after sending.

📝 Stay Tuned with Our Change Log

We're committed to making your sponsorships as seamless and effective as possible. Our Changelog page is continually updated with the latest changes and improvements. Be sure to check it out regularly to stay updated.