Track Refunded Donations

Track Refunded Donations

May 31, 2024

🎉 What’s New and Exciting?

Tags to Show New Features on the Platform

We have added a new tag to highlight features in the menu list. For example, the 'Activity Log' is now marked as a new feature, helping clients easily identify recent additions.


This feature allows you to send emails to multiple donors simultaneously. Clients can create, draft, and edit these emails.

When you create an email, you'll be able to choose from your list of donors to send the email to.

Refunds Tab in the Donations Page

This tab will display donations that have been refunded to donors in a table format, enabling clients to easily view refunded donations.

Api Features

For developers using our API, we have enhanced security on our endpoints. You will not be able to access functionality unless permissions are set in the admin section.

🔔Some Fixes

  • A major fix involves making the donor dashboard message manager more flexible on small screens.

  • Some clients experienced issues with email short codes appearing after emails were sent.

  • The refund icon, which should display on donations for possible reversals, was not appearing due to an unexplained issue and has now been fixed.

📝 Stay Tuned with Our Change Log

We're committed to making your sponsorships as seamless and effective as possible. Our Changelog page is continually updated with the latest changes and improvements. Be sure to check it out regularly to stay updated.